The Georgia Chamber takes legislative positions by a member-driven process through the GAC. The GAC is made up of over 500 government affairs professionals representing companies throughout our state, with the overarching goal of achieving the policy objectives of the Georgia Chamber. Legislative positions taken by the GAC are communicated to members of the general assembly through written correspondence on an ongoing basis during Session. With hundreds of bills debated each legislative session, it can be difficult to understand what happened – and more importantly how it impacts your business. That is why the Chamber produces a biennial legislative report, the Chamber Scorecard, which provides a concise, final summary of the disposition of the bills most important to the business community. GAC leadership directs what becomes a “scorecard issue” and prior to floor votes being taken, the Georgia Chamber staff will communicate a bill’s scorecard status to legislators. While the Georgia Chamber takes support and oppose positions on many pieces of legislation, the “scorecard” designation is reserved for bills that are of utmost importance to the business community. The scorecard not only explains the details of each major legislative initiative the organization tracks, but it also shows how each legislator voted on these issues and how supportive your elected official was in the process. An incredible resource for staying informed as both a voter and a business leader, the Georgia Chamber scorecard is a resource to tracking the action under the Gold Dome.

Scorecard Key

A+ = 95-100 | A = 90-94

B+ = 85-89 | B = 80-84

C+ = 75-79 | C = 70-74

U = Below 70 (Unsatisfactory) | N/A = Not Eligible for Score

√ = Voted with the Chamber

X = Voted against the Chamber

— = Absent/Excused

To receive a scorecard grade, a legislator must be present to vote for 50% of the total scorecard votes in a biennium. If the legislator is not present for 50% of the votes, the legislator will receive a non-applicable (N/A). Certain actions may be considered that can positively or negatively impact scores which include, but are not limited to, sponsoring bills, speaking for or against bills, committee votes, and offering amendments. The “Chamber Champion” designation is reserved for sponsors of significant Chamber-supported legislation.

Staff Directory

Public Affairs

David Raynor
Chief Public Affairs Officer
EXT. 2267

Nancy Palmer
VP of Government Affairs
EXT. 2341

Daniela Perry
VP, Georgia Chamber Foundation
EXT. 2475

Allison Snellings
Director, Public Affairs
EXT. 2295

Katie Duvall
Director of Government Affairs
EXT. 2479

Savannah Taylor
Manager, Public Policy and Research
EXT. 2467

Will Bostelman
Public Affairs Coordinator
EXT. 2499

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